функциональные языки и базы данных


я не знаком с функциональными языками (если только с Mathematica
можно ли сейчас писать на ФЯ программы, которые работают с базами двнных


А что, разве SQL не функциональный язык?


На вот, например.
Moscow ML provides a light-weight implementation of full Standard ML,
including Modules and some extensions.
Moscow ML is based on the Caml Light bytecode system, which gives fast
compilation and modest storage consumption.
Moscow ML 2.00 properties:
* Supports the full SML'97, including Modules (structures, signatures,
and functors thanks to Claudio Russo
* Also provides several extensions to the SML Modules language:
- higher-order functors: functors may be defined within structures
and functors
- first-class modules: structures and functors may be packed and
then handled as Core language values, which may then be unpacked
as structures or functors again
- recursive modules: signatures and structures may be recursively
* Implements Standard ML, as revised 1997 (value polymorphism,
default overloading resolution, new types)
* Remains backwards compatible with previous releases of Moscow ML
* Implements most of the new Standard ML Basis Library, including
the most common input/output facilities in TextIO and BinIO
* Built-in help function
* Interactive top-level as well as separate (batch) compilation
* Can produce compact stand-alone executables
* Supports quotations and antiquotations, useful for metaprogramming
* Dynamic linking of external functions (Linux/x86 and Linux/Alpha,
Solaris, Digital Unix, HP-UX, MacOS, Win'95/98/NT/2000)
* Interface to Boutell's library for making PNG images (structure Gdimage)
* Interface to the PostgreSQL database server (structure Postgres)
* Interface to the MySQL database server (structure Mysql)

* Interface to POSIX 1003.2 regular expressions (structure Regex)
* Interface to sockets (structure Socket)
* Interface to GNU gdbm persistent hashtables (structures Gdbm, Polygdbm)
* Facilities for fast functional generation of HTML code (structure Msp)
* Facilities for using CGI (structure Mosmlcgi and Mosmlcookie)
* Registration of ML and C functions for callbacks (structure Callback)
I will always use google before asking stupid questions.


можно ли сейчас писать на ФЯ программы, которые работают с базами двнных
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