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The fix for Windows XP not letting you delete .avi
I've seen this coming up more and more all over the place so I figured I'd stick it here.
Avi files (divx) can be trouble in xp. there is a fix to let xp behave much better so it's possible to move or delete large avi files. The obnoxious bug in XP that causes Explorer to read the entire contents of broken AVI files before allowing any access to them is caused by bad behavior of shmedia.dll.
To correct this misbehavior in Windows XP, remove the following
registry key.
This will prevent Explorer from loading shmedia.dll in response to file property queries on these files.
Just an extra note, if you do a "search" for this key it will not be found, look for it manually it is very easy to find. As always newbie or not, if you FUBAR your registry its your own fault. This fix does work, I use it and have applied it to many XP machines. Now go ahead and fix this royal pain in the ass!
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а нафига? ещё один способ? по моему он эквивалентен 1му...


regsvr32.exe /u shmedia.dll - для удаления
regsvr32.exe /i shmedia.dll - для восстановления обратно
Не знаю насчет эквивалентности, но, думаю, анинсталл предусмотренный программистами Майкрософта - более правильный метод.
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