Последние драйвера для ati


Какие? Я запутался в их версиях. У меня стоит wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-121-050322a-022141c.exe, а вот здесь пишут, что последняя версия 6,3. Это какие-то другие драйвера?


а оццы ваще омегу советуют


Че за омега?


What are The Omega drivers?
The purpose of the Omega Drivers is to provide gamers with an alternate set of drivers, ones that have more options and features than the original sets. The drivers contain optimizations, extra features (like OC capabilities more resolutions and internal tweaks that can give users the edge in a gaming environment over the normal drivers, which are often tailored for synthetic benchmarks. All Omega driver sets are tested (unless noted) by myself in my own PC or in an alternate PC (in the case of the NVIDIA drivers) to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability.
Считаются очень быстрыми дровами.
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