Система трекинга тасков на базе мэйлов


Когда пишешь письмо в саппорт всяких там хостингов - приходит ответ от автоответчика, который уведомляет, какой номер выделен заявке и т. п. Они используют системы трекинга тасков на базе e-mail. Кто-то знает какие-то конкретные продукты? А то у нас в компании есть адрес саппорта и хочется заорганизовать отслеживание состояний заявок по нему.


Так-так. Интересно. А ты ею пользовался?


The OTRS Team is pleased to announce the release of OTRS 2.2.0 beta1.
Major Changes:
"Support of Services and SLAs" - As major step towards IT Servicemanagement OTRS 2.2 brings in the new Attributes 'Service' and 'Service Level Agreements (SLA)'. While creating a new ticket a service requester has to select both a service (e. g. email-service) and a related SLA . SLA attributes are "response time", "update time" and "solution time". These attributes are used by the IT Service Organization for notification and escalation purposes in order to keep the agreed SLA.
"Support of native ticket types" - Ticket types can now be managed over the admin interface. The use of a You do not need longer to use a ticket free text field isn't necessary anymore. Installations which already uses a ticket free text field for ticket type classification do not need to migrate. This feature will also be shown in zoom and print view for agents and customers and can be changed via the agent interface.
"Support of multiple authentication backends" - Added support of multi authentication feature for agent and customer backend. By using this feature it is now possible to use multiple trusted authentication sources (i.e. use LDAP as a first source for athentification and in case of an unsuccessful authentification try a SQL DB as a second source).
"Support of different password crypt types" - Supported and permitted password authentication types for agent and/or customer login are: - unix_crypt - md5 - plain. Default is 'unix_crypt'. The administrator can easily switch from unix_crypt to md5 on the fly by changing the sysconfig.
"Enhanced OPM-Format" - OPM Packages are now delivered with an additional online help. The introducing page will inform the user about new features and will also give him a short overview about the next steps to do after having installed the packages.
"SysConfig Improvement" - A quicker page view and page saving leads to essential time savings during configuration process.
And many new other features.


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