Kak s pomow'u ERD commander'a


Obnulit' password administrator'a ?


а в чем проблема возникла?
грузиьшся с диска с кммандером и там есть утилита.....
есть еще пдфка с мауалом.


Kak nazivaetsya utilita ?


If you are unable to logon to a system because you have lost the local administrator password or because the administrative password has been locked out, use the ERD Commander 2005 Locksmith utility to reset the password to a known value and unlock the account. The Locksmith wizard, located in the Administrative Tools folder of the Start menu, guides you through the process of selecting the account for which you want to change the password and entering the new password. The account will have the new password and be unlocked the next time you boot normally into the system you are repairing.
Notes: You will lose a previous change if you rerun Locksmith to change another password before booting the system normally.
Locksmith requires the System Registry hive to be intact.
If you have a local policy on the system that enforces password length and/ or complexity, the new password must comply with this policy to take effect.
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