Winamp 5.03 - Вышел!


инета сейчас нет... че там нового добавили?


Winamp 5.03:
* made MP4 AAC the new default ripping encoder
* fixed a crash bug when playing some AVI files in in_dshow
* added multimedia keyboard keys in global hotkeys default configuration
* added "Manual playlist advance" in Repeat button popup menu in Classic mode
* improvements in MP3 encoder configuration (added --alt-preset standard, etc...)
* made the tabs in the preferences XP correctly themed under Windows XP
* revamped the Media Library preferences a bit
* new experimental WMA9 input plugin
* gen_jumpex updates from DrO
* added "Nuke library" action in Media Library
* more upside down videos fixes
* fixed crash if a plugin generated a pledit wm_windowposchanged on shutdown
* fixed crash exploit in in_mod (thanks Peter Winter-Smith)
* fixed various crashes in in_midi when playing invalid files
* made in_midi store its settings in winamp.ini instead of the registry
* fixed error during installation on computers with chinese/oriental regional settings
* removed AOD from installer
* added Shift-R to toggle manual playlist advance
* updated VP6 video decoder to latest VP6.2 code
* fixed crash when launching winamp with very long filenames from explorer
* made registration dialog to appear in Explorer's taskbar when installing pro version
* fixed pledit/video windows showing up at startup when minimized
* modern skins updates :
- winamp modern skin now uses a 3 state repeat button: no repeat/repeat all/repeat track
- added appplication desktop toolbars capabilities for layouts, add
appbar="left|top|right|bottom" to use them
- upped maki binary version, improved stack protection
- current skin version number is 1.2 (this should not change for a long while now, and
of course we continue to support 0.8 to 1.1)
- (very) limited maki debugger (for now you can bring it up with invokeDebugger; in a
script then use 'x' to continue and 'i' to trace into)
- fixed obscure capture problem with dragging windows
- fixed rectrgn being forced to 1 in xml xuiobject buttons that are originally imageless
- fixed hilited state not on after clicking on buttons while the mouse stays in area
- fixed scripted onEnterArea/onLeaveArea not being always correctly called while mouse
button stays down
- fixed getToken being passed NULL throwing guru
- fixed clipping of painting within the background's region of a group rather than
within the composed region (the one you can change with sysregion)
- fixed image cache problem when using the same bitmap as a map and a button image


у меня на ФТП версия ПРО лежит...


меня глючит, или он реально стал жрать памяти раза в два меньше?


у меня с 14 до 15 мб поднялось


_оперативки_ он жрет действительно меньше чем 5.02


хм-м, тогда скажите как в винде определить память процесса (чем отличаются mem usage от VM size?)


mem usage - сколько юзает физической памяти(т.е. оперативки)
VMsize - из названия понятно - Virtual Memory Size


вот он
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